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What if thousands of new people visit your webiste every month?

impossible you say?

I did it – without budget with less then 2 hours per day work.

How? Meet my favourite businesspartner:


Pinterest made my website …

go within 6 months from 10 to thousands of visitors per month and daily sales.


Earn more, less work.

I have a lot of free time left now for my family.


And you can realise this too – or get even better results!


By adjusting Pinterest in the right way. How do you do that you learn in my secret weapon:

How to grow your business with Pinterest


In the Pinterest Academy I share all my secret tricks and strategies I used to increase my number of visits to my website enormously without making advertisement or paying for traffic how my earnings grew explosively within 6 months.

In the Pinterest Academy you will learn..

> How to become a Pinterest superstar and create viral content.

> How to attract thousands of people to your products.

> How to use Pinterest to double your earnings online.

> How to find the right audience and connect with them.

> How to let the number of people that visit your website grow explosively.



The Pinterest Academy is for you if..

> You want to grow your website traffic explosively with less then an hour per day work.

> want to earn more more money with less work.

> you want to get sales on auto pilot, so you get more time and more freedom to enjoy life.

> get the right audience for your products or services

< want to boost the sales on your website

< want to get daily sales without ads and without paying for traffic!


Content Pinterest Academy:

  • Creating the right boards
  • What to post
  • How often and how many to post
  • How to increase the amount of people that visit your Pinterest channel and your website
  • How to get more followers
  • How to increase the traffic to your website
  • How to get more customers by using Pinterest
  • How to get more sales
  • How to get daily sales
  • What rich pins are and how to use them to boost your channel
  • How to integrate your products or services on Pinterest
  • and much more….
  • …..

Take also a look at the de SoMe Academy and learn everything about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, advertising, rank on page 1 of Google and much more…


For who is the Pinterest Academy meant:

if you:

Struggle to let your Pinterest channel grow

If want more followers on Pinterest

If you want more traffic on Pinterest

If your a beginner or more experienced on Pinterest

If you do not know how to start on Pinterest

If you want more sales on your website

If you want daily sales on auto pilot

if you do not know what to post

If you want to get a pro and boost your business on your website




















Pinterest ACADEMY


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