SoMe Academy

Do you want to earn your money from social media? or through your webshop or website? 

And you already started? But you did not earn that much yet? Or you don’t get any sales from your webshop? Or you want to start with a webshop or website but don’t know where to start? Or you already earning via social media but you don’t get much sales yet? Or you want to boost your sales and looking for other ways to market them?

Or maybe you want to get more traffic to your Facebook or Instagram or website?

You want to get sales every day, week in, week out, just like me?

Learn how to boost your sales or to start an online businness with any products you might be selling.

Do you want to learn everything about followers, reach, feed, stories, what to post? Then register now for the Academy.
Even without advertising it is possible to get daily sales. See below for the proof.

With the SoMe Academy you will learn:

– how to get sales without selling;

– how to get daily sales on your website, without posting every day;

– how you can earn money on your Instagram, your website, Facebook and Pinterest;

– how to reach more people on social media;

– how to get more traffic on your website with a simple trick;

– Learn everything about SEO for beginners to get higher on Google;

– how to get more sales with this unknown social media platform;

– how to sell your most expensive products of 200/300 Euro’s without posting;

– howo get sales without 10k followers;

– how to get daily sales on auto pilot without even selling or posting;

– how to get on page 1 of Google;

– and much more….


Learn, get more confidence and take your social media and/or your website to the next level.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we are very enthousiastic to help you discover all ins and outs, all tricks to boost your sales or to start an online businness with any products you might be selling.


52K in my first year!

Hi, my name is Ingrid. Mother of 3, owner of 2 French bulldogs and breeder of Maine Coon cats. Working at home and travelling were allways on my bucketlist for many years. And I knew working for a boss was not something I wanted. But where to start? I worked as a secretary for more then 20 years and allways thought that this was it. I had big dreams but how could I make more money without the risks?
For years I was so busy, bringing the kids to school, driving to my work in a hurry to get there on time, listening to my boss and taking orders from him. Working my ass of and I did not get paid much more for all the hard work. yeah a few hundred Euro’s per year. but that was it….
I wanted more… had dreams… but where to start without risks?
Oh yeah, the 20 years working brought me something. Much experience and I fluently speak now 3 languages, what I can use in this online business.
But I learned that in school also for 8 years.
For 5 years now I work in networkmarketing and I have so much experience now in this, have followed many many courses, joined webinars etcetera etcetera…. and all this I can use now to help you!
In my first year on social media I have made 52k! Not by many followers or buying ads, no just by using a good system that actually works. 

​If I can do it, you can do it. I give to you ~  my-socialmedia-secrets. 



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